How to Use the Picture Gallery

Browse the latest photos

The more recently-uploaded photos will always appear on the home page. You can always return to the home page by clicking the logo.

Browse for a person

Use the Browse or Search tools in the main menu to find a person. Or on any page of the site, to see all photos with a certain person’s tag, just click on that tag.

Tag people you recognize

Try using the website to “tag” (identify) people if you recognize them. You can also add comments to any photo. If you’re not on the home page, go there by clicking the logo. Click the link on the left to “Photos needing people tagged.”

Fix the order in which names are shown

It helps if names are displayed in left-to-right order. If you see a picture where that’s not the case, please help us out by fixing it:

  1. If you’re looking at a list of photos, click on the photo to view it up close.
  2. Click “Fix the order of these names” below the list of names.
  3. “Drag and drop” names into the correct order, and click “Save”. Now the names will be displayed that way. You might need to refresh or reload a page in your browser to see the change reflected.

How to send in your photos

Just email them to us. To keep spammers at bay, we won’t show the email address here, but it is “photos”, then the “@” sign, and this website address. It’s really that simple. Try it out! Some tips:

  • Your subject line will become the title, and anything you type in the body of the email will be shown under the photo.
  • If you type a person’s name in either the subject or the body of your message, our software will try to automatically tag the photo with that player’s name. You can name more than one player.
  • Our software will try to credit you with the photo as best we can, but it doesn’t always work.
  • Your submission might be held up as “pending” if it needs review. This is to block spammers.
  • You should receive a confirmation message when your photo has been processed. This may take up to 30 minutes.
  • Please, one photo per email.
  • Please don’t share the secret email address anywhere online. Spammers will find it.